Saturday 24 May 2008

electromagnetic memory - my ideas

finally!!!!! I can access this blog from my location!!!

I have had a similar idea about memory , with a slight twist.
First an analogy. If two guitars are tuned exactly the same, then if a string is plucked on one guitar then the corresponding string vibrates on the other one.
My thought is this: if memory is stored as vibrations then there is no need for a "computer like" brain with complex algorithms to lookup memory. The stored memory simply vibrates with the input!
It is instananeous.
So our brain is not a super-computer, its more like a musical



Karl Le Marcs said...

Hi Shiva, interesting idea but unfortunately it is flawed, as you state:
"If two guitars are tuned exactly the same, then if a string is plucked on one guitar then the corresponding string vibrates on the other one."
Which DOESN'T happen (outide of a vacuum and even then it is debatable) and fundamental String Theory confirms this in the deeper scientific context also.

The latest Neurological studies into memory functionality suggest that I'm afraid it DOES indeed work in a very similar way to a computer's hard-drive, storing pieces of memory all across the brain. The hypocampus and limbic system in general appear to function as the central processing areas dragging back together the fragments of memories. Thus, in this analogy, memory training and or hightened awareness is similar to defragmenting your hard drive.

RAC's original "Radio analogy" has certainly some valid conditions within it also.

Ed said...

Hi... I asserted in a previous post, I believe that the universe is constantly giving us CLUES to help us figure out what and who we are... but being sure not to give it all away too easily!

The fact that we now have a technology that some would argue is roughly analogous to the human brain, could indicate that we are getting really close to completing the deciphering of the 'meaning of life' clues of past millenia.

[Maybe music is also a CLUE?!?]

Anyway, if we accept this premise, then we might also conclude that the exponential advancement in technology over the last 3 or 4 decades is a sure sign that the answers are now 'just around the corner'. And, if we really are soclose, then shouldn't we expect the universe to be introducing a series of 'end game' types of 'clues'? Perhaps these would be in the form of radical, but popular, writings that are no longer closed to the notion that science and spirit must be viewed together if we are to get that final clue..... writings such as ITLAD??

(By the way, if anyone asks why would the univetrse not want to just give us the asnwers, i would assert that you only learn properly if you have had to think, try, make mistakes, etc.)


rac said...

I do agree neurological studies have been largely successful in locating specific areas of memory functionality, but what they have failed to answer is the exact format of the data storage.

The analogy of a computer hard drive would suggest binary data storage - a method I feel makes little sense in a biological system. I would argue that since ALL of our data inputs are analog then it only makes sense to store them as such. A binary system would require the added energy expense (something nature’s not real keen on) of converting data from analog to digital and back again. A digital system also demands a way of keeping track of all the various bits and pieces of data so it can accurately piece them back together - an analog system does not. A digital system does not make sense from an evolutionary stand point as well; as it would have required a large degree of forethought and design.

Now I do believe my own theory might operate at too large a scale. I suspect the actual mechanism is probably at the quantum level. Still, I have no doubt it is an analog system. Actually, Sheldrake’s morphic fields might make a nice storage format compatible with the computer hard drive model suggested by current neurological studies… and Karl. ;-)

Karl Le Marcs said...

In Tony's absence, at this wee small hour in the UK, doing what all "normal" people would be doing at this time, I shall ask this:

If reality is indeed an illusion and what we perceive as real is actually a multi-sensual, multi-dimensional holographic playback of past life memory within the Bohmian IMAX of our subjective consciousness then is it still correct to assert that "ALL of our data inputs are analog"??



rac said...

Touché Karl... I might counter that since mass is a function of energy then a binary system is also an illusion. In a material world binary is merely an analog representation of 1’s and 0’s.

"Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."--The Kybalion.

Karl Le Marcs said...

"mass is a function of energy" ???
All MATTER is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration BUT Mass and Matter are subtly different. Mass is imbued upon matter by what Quantum Mechanics terms the Higgs Boson which is active upon the Higgs Field.
It is the major search on Quantum Physics and Cosmology to find evidence of this hypothetical Higgs! Which is the main purpose for the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland (due to be switched on later this year); it is the largest particle accelerator ever built and will surely open the Quantum realites wider than any previous experimental reserach has done.

Shiva said...

Karl hi! I've actually tried the two guitars idea and you can SEE the corresponding string vibrate!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hi Shiva. I too have tried it with my two guitars tuned digitally and have NOT seen the effect.
If you are witnessing it then I suggest you film it and place the video online.
Even IF it was a possibility then the vibrations outside of a vacuum would decohere.

Jesamyn said...

Highly fascinating ever.Ed I find your concept of *clues* etc most interesting.. we all loved Fables of long ago where the hero had Herculean tasks to perform or was given Riddles and tantalising clues most profound where to find some fabulous Treasure or Jewel of Great Knowledge etc....(or *fabo* as Karl might term it!!!)only to realise at the end of the tale that this jewel is moste cunningly our very Souls...and Music certainly interweaves itself into our Lives over the Centuries...I think you are indeed onto something...
Karl as ever your Higher Knowledge is is a joke for you...
*What is the Shortest Dissertational Booke in the History of the Known Universe?*???
Answer.... A Volume containing Facts that Mr K.L. Le Marcs does NOT Know.!!!!
In awe as always\Jesamyn.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Cars, Jesamyn: My "Blind Spot" is cars; I have no knowledge, nor desire for such, towards cars in any way. I can't tell one from another; know nor ever care what make or model one is just a car!!!
Always useful to know if you want me to just go silent and start gently whistling to myself, is to steer the conversation towards cars (ha! pun NOT intended in this case).

Adopting my previous ramblings, Tony's theory, Ed's "clues" and your analogy it seems we are all on a quest similar to the Holy Grail (trying not to picture the Pythons now), and we are the Knights Templar (who don't say "Ni", obviously).


Shiva said...

A thought: why do we assume that the brain is the SOURCE of thought etc. rather than the vehicle through which mind/consciousness manifests?

Shiva said...

Hi Karl,
a good idea! I do not have any guitars at my location, but I will try to replicate my previous finding.
At that time I also could touch the second guitar's string and feel it resonating.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Shiva: It is no assumption, because EEG monitors, general brain scanning and Neurology shows this to be the area of activity within the body during thought processes.

And as I assert, uiversal consciousness is an objective waveform which we simply tap into through our sentience, thus creating a particle of subjective consciousness which we experience as our lives, our memories and our thoughts, but ultimately we are all one consciousness, just experiencing itself subjectively.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Shiva (2): "Ideomotor effect" I cry, as I am known to do on occasion!

rac said...

Shiva: If your position is correct you should only need one guitar to perform your experiment. If it does work it would be because the two resonant systems are coupled by sound waves. Much like the sound vibrations you can “feel” from a loud speaker, the idle string would be affected by the sound waves of the vibrating string.

"String resonance occurs on string instruments. Strings or parts of strings may resonate at their fundamental or overtone frequencies when other strings are sounded. For example, an A string at 440 Hz will cause an E string at 330 Hz to resonate, because they share an overtone of 1320 Hz (the third overtone of A and fourth overtone of E)." Wikipedia-Resonance

Karl Le Marcs said...

RAC: Problem with a one guitar experiment would be the logical argument that the vibrations from one string to another have an interconnection through the material base of the single guitar and not a "cross space" vibrational interraction.

rac said...

Karl: Yes, I thought about that on my way to work this AM and figured you would catch it. Apparently though you can do the same thing with two tuning forks but I was unable to find evidence I thought would pass your scrutiny.

Karl Le Marcs said...

RAC: A-HA my good man, A-HA!!
*smiles at the Quantum Entanglement across the pond*

The same would apply to tuning forks if you were holding both!! YOU yourself would be the conduit for the vibrations and the Ideomotor Effect would be plainly obvious.

You can see now, I think, why I said the possible only strong evidence of this occurring would be in an experiment within a vaccuum (not a Dyson or similar, obviously)

Shiva said...

Im confused. How can you do a sound experiement in a vaccuum? Doesn't sound need a medium though which to propogate?
Sound could be defined in t least two ways I thnk;
1 pressure waves
2 our perception of the pressure waves.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Shiva: I'm not surprised you are confused as I didn't think we were discussing "sound" but were discussing energy vibrations (of which just one type is sound).

Vacuum energy is far from empty but offers the least level of resistance and decoherence for experimentation such as this.

Sound is merely a frequency of vibration that our auditory system is attuned to receive which in turn is decoded by our neuronal structures in the brain to relay "sound" to consciousness.

And we all still await your video of your effect with eagerness.

Shiva said...

Main article: String resonance (music)
String resonance occurs on string instruments. Strings or parts of strings may resonate at their fundamental or overtone frequencies when other strings are sounded. For example, an A string at 440 Hz will cause an E string at 330 Hz to resonate, because they share an overtone of 1320 Hz (3rd overtone of A and 4th overtone of E).
Sympathetic strings or resonant strings are auxiliary strings found on many Indian musical instruments, as well as some Western Renaissance-era instruments. They are typically not played directly by the performer (except occasionally as an effect) but instead resonate along with the main strings played on an instrument. The effect is most often heard when the fundamental frequency of the string is in unison or an octave lower or higher than the catalyst note, although it can occur for other intervals such as a fifth with less effect.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Shiva: Thanks for that, although RAC did say it earlier!
My point is a simple one: If any objective string resonance occurs between subjective instruments then in order to be of scientific use, we would need to extract the "conduit" argument, by which I mean one string on a particular instrument would NOT make another string on the same instrument vibrate by wave alone, but through the body of the instrument. IF an effect such as that suggested by you (being two separate instruments where one string is plucked on instrument A leading to the string on instrument B vibrating) then we NEED you to record such and post online, as I have asked previously.

Of course in such an experiment the two instruments could also be working with the floor as a conduit which is why I stated the difficulty in authenticating such an emprirical observation without falling into "Ideometer Effect" or "conduit".

We will all await the video of your findings with anticipation.