Tuesday 13 May 2008

God's Timeshare

Imagine you could live your life then, after death, your soul could hop in a Tardis and go back in time to be reborn as someone else - a completely different set of memories, feelings, desires, aspirations, and temperament (for all we'd like to believe these things are unique to each of us, there is ample evidence that they can be changed by physical injury suggesting a physical basis for these things). You might even return as a person you knew in you previous life.

You would simply be someone else, wouldn't you? Now imagine that has happened as many times as there are people. That would allow for the existence of just one consciousness. We may all be timeshares on God's mainframe. We might even be God slummin' it!

This does not necessarily cut across CTF - if this happens then we do return as ourselves eventually, and quite probably with the Daemon unique to us. But don't take too much notice of me - I spend too much time writing multi-tasking software so my perspective is suspect!


Karl Le Marcs said...

Hi Carenza!

Not heard from you on here for a long time! Would be nice to hear your comments on some of the other people's posts too.

Ok, here is my problem with your idea.
(other than it being, inherently, Solipsistic and also introducing a Theistic element)

Firstly your very first line implies the self to be the "soul", and of course, where is the soul and what do we mean by it?

What of self and memories; self and morality; the empirical self or the epistemological self?

"One Consciousness" doesn't mean "One Sentience"! We are ALL one Consciousness, experiencing itself subjectively, and our Daemon is unique to our subjective "particle" of consciousness, being that part of US that has lived OUR life before.

Your suggestion of living your life and then skipping back to live the life of a contemporary would presuppose that very contemporary also once had a subjective consciousness and sentience, thereby counter-intuitively, arguing against your own "God's Mainframe" and would also still require an Akashic Field on which to store the memories.

In CTF the subjectivity of the Daemon means your theory would be arguable, certainly. In my theory, as the recurrences are NOT Eternal but are finite (I suggest, see previous posts and comments), then at the end of your Ultimate Life as you lose sentience within the smallest piece of space-time left, you cease observing consciousness and your collapsed particle ascends back to superposition within the consciousness field and objective consciousness. It is then possible that your thoughts and memories and sense of YOU could be re-collapsed by another subjective sentience, but that would not be "You" in any more way than a pail of water taken from the sea, can actually be called the sea - it came from the sea, and was once part of the sea, but for now, it is a pail of water (a "pail" reflection one may puntastically say!!), but we can always tip the pail back into the sea, and once again it becomes the holistic sea.

I assert the same applies to Consciousness but instead of a pail of water, I suggest an alternate container of consciousness, a particle of consciousness, "US". We came from the sea, we were once in the sea, and we can return to the sea but for now we are "ourselves" in our own pail.

I hope that some of this makes sense; another long sleepless night is just behind me!

Carenza Waters said...

I believe identity is an illusion born of restricted perception!

Karl Le Marcs said...


Whose "restricted perception"?

Carenza Waters said...

Hi Karl,

That wasn't intended to be a dig - I just have this idea that our identities arise from our limited knowledge. If we were all omniscient then perhaps we would merge into a single being.

Conversely, by fragmenting itself into 'islands of science' a single being can become many. I'm sure its an old idea. Mine usually are.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Carenza: Hi, I didn't take your comment to be "a dig" at all, so fear ye not!

I asked "whose 'resricted perception'" you meant because you began your statement with "I believe identity is an illusion", so if it is an illusion then there can be no "I" to believe in the illusion !!!

And again, in your last comment you said "I just have this idea that our identities arise from our limited knowledge" so I'm confused who your "I" is, if identity is illusionary??

And finally, we are, in a sense, all omniscient within my theory, as we are all subjective particles of consciousness within the universal consciousness wave - we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively!

So all of us, as "Particles" of consciousness are analogous to your "islands of science", all floating in the same sea of objective consciousness.

Or something like that!
*waves hand in self-dismissiveness*