Thursday 1 May 2008

Strange Events

Something very strange happened a few days ago. Those of you who know me are aware that although I am very interested in psychic phenomenon I consider myself a strong rationalist. In other words I seek out proof before simply accepting the claims of others. Over the last year I have travelled the UK doing talks and lectures and I have met many fascinating people - many of whom have rather shaken my cosy, rationalistic, world view. However the last few days have been of earthquake proportions. For the first time in my life I experienced a precognition that I know was true - because it happened to me.

I had met Aloha Gary (esteemed member of this blog) for coffee in Chester. Afterwards we nipped back to his house to pick up some paperwork when I noticed that he had a very peculiar object called a Shambhala Maitreya Solar Cross (image top right). I recognised it because a few weeks before another member of this blog (Ed aka Itscooltocare) had shown me an identical version of this fascinating artifact.

Gary suggested that I hold it, close my eyes and concentrate. I did so and immediately I perceived a detailed hypnogogic image in the centre of my visual field. Now I have experienced hypnogogic imagery for years but without exceptions the images are usually located in my periphery vision. I have to 'turn' my minds-eye to my extreme left (always left, interestingly enough) to 'see' them. As soon as this takes place they disappear. Over the years I have realised that the best way to view them is by 'looking' straight ahead and trying catch what is being presented via my periphery 'vision'. In this way I can hold them for much longer.

But this one was different. It was absolutely vivid, rock solid and detailed. It was a metallic blue star-like image with eight points. What I particularly noticed was that the lower point (at 6 o'clock) was longer than the other seven. I thought this a little strange. It was in plain view for a good 30 seconds then faded. I was stunned.

On opening my eyes I described in some detail to Gary exactly what I had seen. As I recall I think I even drew it for him.

Now I have been suffering from a particularly painful case of adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) - an old sports injury that has come back to haunt me - the pain had become so extreme that I needed more prescription pain killers. The next day after I met with Gary I made an appointment with my doctor and went up to the local surgery. As I checked in at the reception desk my eye caught a display. It was a box selling charity lapel pins. I couldn't believe it. The pin was exactly, and I mean exactly, what I had seen in my hypnogogic the day before. The picture at the top of this post is of the pin in question. Right colour, correct number of points and even the correct 6 o'clock point being longer. I was so stunned I commented upon it to the receptionist. "Oh", she replied "they were only brought in about an hour ago!"

The lapel pin is to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of St John's Hospice, a care home for the terminally ill, here on Wirral.

I have no idea what this means. Was it some form of 'future memory'? But if so why that particular object?

Applying Itlad to this I can only assume that it was some form of Daemonic message. Could it be that the Solar Cross can, in some way, open up the Eidolon-Daemon communication channels?

I guess only time will clear up this little mystery.
Addition: If you look at the image of my signature on the right (white box with the name 'Anthony Peake' in script you will notice a peculiar cross-like logo to the right. This is my 'symbol' and has been for nearly forty years. Old school and university friends will immediately recognise this. Over the years I have marked my books, albums etc with it. It is so long ago now that I have no idea why I started doing this. looking at my hypnogogic 'star' and my logo I can see a distinct similarity. Odder and odder!


Karl Le Marcs said...

Very Interesting!!
Two questions for you before I give a full response.

1. You said "I have to 'turn' my minds-eye to my extreme left (always left, interestingly enough) to 'see' them" - So that would be to your LEFT yes, and to the RIGHT of someone observing you?
(putting aside the fact that you usually do close your eyes when reacting to an emotive question!!)

2. When you and I were in The Bridge pub (after Lady Lever Art Gallery) with Ed and Rich a few weeks ago, did you sense anything when you held Ed's Shambhala Maitreya Solar Cross?
I know you didn't specifically concentrate on it as much as you did with Gary's but I have something in mind that you may pick up on if you remember that time when the four of us were discussing the item in question in Bebbington.

johar said...

Hi Tony,

Really interesting event. I wonder if the energy we are creating on this blog is enhancing and accelerating the awareness we already have and allowing more open access to the daemon and also to each other?

Anthony Peake said...

KARL: In response to your questions:

1. Yes, it will be to the observers right and my left.

2. I felt something - a vague feeling of heat. However when I held it at I recall feeling slightly sick with a peculiar pain in my heart. Indeed Gary asked me what I felt and this is what I described to him.

Karl Le Marcs said...

JoJo, an egregore is a powerful energy, and within this blog and Tony's book we have certainly created one.
(and that's without considering your words within my Collapsing the Consciousness Wave Theory when the effect of collective subjective particles of consciousness within the consciousness field can be hugely influential)

Anthony Peake said...

JOHAR: I have to agree. It is as if something really significant is just waiting to burst forth!

Anthony Peake said...

KARL: It now has me wondering with regard to the significance of our involvement with the Servants Of The Light (SOL). These guys (particularly Dolores, Dr. Gary "Asteroth's Apprentice" Vasey and Herbie Brennan) see particular significance with regard to Itlad and what it really means.

Ball and rolling leap to mind.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thanks for your replies to my two questions.

I have just two more supplementary questions:

1. Do you recall who was sitting at the big round table where you, I and Rich had sat the previous time we were in The Bridge together?
They would have been to your RIGHT and in-front of you, whereas they were behind me and to my LEFT?
I want you to think specifically of the woman (not like that).
Do you have any conscious recollections of her or anything she said?

2. I do occassionally wear rather unusual pieces of jewellery (as you have sometimes mentioned), but I do know that I was wearing a specific piece that day and again I would be interested to know if you have any conscious memory of what it was?


johar said...

O My Goodness, Have just seen the star you draw next to your name, it's virtually identical to the pin, how cool.

It's like an affirmation that you are going in the right direction, things coming to fruition, developing and expanding. A real 'nudge in the ribs'.

Hope your shoulder is feeling better by the way!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Interesting comment re SOL. I agree in SO many different ways.

Anthony Peake said...

JOHAR: With the pain in my shoulder a 'nudge in the ribs' is the last thing I need! (LOL)

Seriously though I think that you are right. I have just spoken to ED AKA ITSCOOLTOCARE on the phone and he has a few even weirder things to add to this event!

Anthony Peake said...

KARL: Yes, I do remember her. I recall she was late middle age and her and her husband/friend polished off a bottle of wine with great speed! I suspect that she was listening in to our conversation.

As regard your jewellery I can only recall that fascinating "claw ring" but nothing else unusual.

Anthony Peake said...

JOHAR: Thanks for asking about my shoulder. I will be having manipulative surgery as a day case on the 12th May. Not a day too soon!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Interesting, very interesting!
*removes glasses and does that stroking Machiavellian goatee beard thing I do on occassion*

You consciously recall the lady, but not her words..........
And the claw ring was at Blue Bar, not The Bridge.

Erm, I could say something right now but I'll defer until Ed's puts his thoughts.

*ooooh tease!!!!*

Seraph said...

The solar cross is beautiful: shame they are so expensive. How are they meant to work?

Karl Le Marcs said...


I KNEW I'd seen your hypnogogic star somewhere before in my occultic days and after some considerable rustling through some of my Grimoires I found it!!!!

"The Principality Of Oertha" is a branch of the Society For Creative Anachronism and is part of what is called the Kingdom of the West, and is dedicated to recreating the arts, crafts, sciences and customs of the middle ages and renaissance periods especially in Europe and the Middle East.

If you click on my links below you will see the star.

The Principality of Oertha
Populace Use Badge


Society for Creative Anachronism
(scroll down to 1.3 West - Oertha, Principality of and look at the Populace Use Badge)

What does all this mean????????

Well...........I have no idea!!


Good though, ain't it?

Ed said...

Yes.. Tony and i did have a chat about this today.

I can tell you that the day my wife and I first saw the solar cross, it was owned by a clairvoyant who was visiting the house. She brought it to us to help clear the energies around us. Marianne (my wife) immediately felt 'light headed' and remarked that she would need to step back a little before she fell over.

For the rest of that day she spoke of an 'odd feeling'.

We felt the need to buy our own cross and she quickly became used to it being around us with no further odd sensations.

This was last year.

A day or two ago, another clairvoyant (well, someone who is in touch with the spirit world) visited our home. She immediately remarked how positive the energy was in the house compared to the confusion of outside the front door.

She then turned to Marianne and, with eyes filling up, remarked on the strength of her aura and the effect she was having on the energies in the house. She is not the only person to have noticed this... even medical people (shock!) have said it!

Perhaps the Cross had helped make this difference, constantly cleansing the house of any negative energy?

Off the subject a little... the same lady who visited us suggests that the problems of my son (he is the one who has 'autism',
'psychosis' and seizures) are actually a reaction to MY problems and have been since his birth. A friend suggests that such reaction is typical of an 'empath'....All I know is that today, with me beginning to plan how to address my own issues, my son has suddenly become a really articulate and confident person, who has 'inspired' others to want to be his friend (never done this before). His whole face and body language has changed dramatically in the space of less than a day!

Now.. (alternate theory time)... as I am constantly creating my own universe, the answer to the above is again simple... I just 'believed it into existence'- just like I will 'believe into existence' a really swift comment from Karl Go on Karl... resist that if you can!)

Cheers.. Ed.. (really happy that I am helping my son by helping myself.)

Karl Le Marcs said...

I can resist anything but temptation!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Seriously, great comments. I remember you telling Tony, Rich and I about how you came to purchase the Solar Cross (and the eyes of envy that emerged from the table behind us), and your comments regarding "Empaths" is interesting to say the least, given some recent writing I have been doing on that very subject.

As to believing into existence, you would expect me to now say that as we are all subjective particles of consciousness collapsed from the objective consciousness wave that such a practice is entirely possible.

Now whether I have just said that, or not, is up to how you want to create your own perception.


Ed said...

Karl... can you rearrange your heap of 'subjective partpixels' into words, please?

........ . . . . . .. ....
. .. ... . .. .. . ... . .. .
.. .. ... . . .. .. .. . . .
. .. .. . ... .. . .. . ..
..... .. ... .... . ... .....
.... .. .. .... .. .. . . ... .
. .. .. .. ...

Karl Le Marcs said...

*scratches head*

Rosh said...

maitreya..means `friend` in sanskrit...

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thanks maitreya !

Jesamyn said...

Very *Stargate* somehow... I cannot hold the Starcross in my hand unfortunately so I will gaze upon it tonight before I go to bed... and tomorrow I am doing something I always wanted to but never have.. a Mind Body Spirit Festival where I keep feeling I will encounter something of a Great Revelation...will keep those of you interested informed!!.sorry Tony, I certainly wonder what it means and I rather envy your ability to *see* such things I would prefer it to my apparent audio abilities I think..Regards to all fellow Itladians...

Robin said...

Is it the Daemon who sends us that rush of adrenaline when we see, hear, smell or feel something unknown yet very familiar? You stop in your tracks and do a 'double-take', not by conscious decision but by the momentary control of your perception by the Daemon. For me it is symbolic. I practiced a rudimentary form of sacred geometry years before I ever heard the term.

One of the most universal shapes is that of the spiral, they're everywhere. (when I fall asleep my perception turns off in a clockwise spiral shut down) When I came across this spiral sun years ago, I knew it was mine. My icon, my symbol. I carried it with me for years before having it inked permanently to my right lower leg. I see it in motion, alway turning itself to an open-side down position. For me it draws energy up from mother earth and filters it through the spiral; concentrating it into a sharply focused beam in the middle.

Seraph said...

As with Seraph, I have never seen one of these 'solar crosses', though as a practitioner of geometry as a discpline and as a method of magic, I find it very interesting, not to mention attractive. The lady and I have been researching it in the absence of any explanations, and the principle is interesting, if perhaps not a little overdone in its execution.

The eight-pointed starburst, of course, can refer to the Eastern Star, or the morning star. I would associate it with Istar or Isis, in that respect: however, my knowledge of the symbolism of this place is far from complete, and I may be in error. I suspect that a vision of such a shape is either a chance persistant illusion, a minor thoughtform of personal significance (or potentially future significance) projected by yourself or your 'Daemon', or a thoughtform expressed by some external being and shown to you for some purpose. Perhaps the egregore of the SCA? If so, they have an amusing and novel method of recruiting new members.

Everyone ought to have their personal symbol. For myself, the six-pointed star has always been the symbol of completion and power, and I have a sigil of my own based on it. For the lady here, it is the serpentine dragon. The fact that you have recognised yours, Anthony, is undoubtably valuable.

In my own experience, it would not be the solar cross itself that would open the connection, but rather, the act of meditation on an intricate and beautiful piece of geometry. Patterns and shapes have been used for meditation and contemplation as long as people have had straight rules and the ability to render a circle with string and charcoal. I imagine the solar cross, coming loaded with specific connotations and symbolisms, aids in the meditation process, especially when combined with your personal awe and your strong desire to recieve messages from your Daemon. Geometry in and of itself is a powerful tool: there is a reason why the magician casts a circle to focus and direct his energies, as well as the energies of any external presences who may attempt to interfere.


Aloha Gary said...

Yes, these solar crosses are interesting devices!

I was told by the lady at the monastery that these pure crystals are especially grown so as not to contain impurities, and then assembled by monks who are praying, to ensure the highest resonance and vibration of the cross.

The consequence is that the cross transmutes negative energy into light.

When I first came across these I could only hold one for a few minutes without feeling like my hands would vibrate off.

After a number of exposures this effect lessened (I was told I was adjusting to the cross by raising my vibration)

And now have one hanging up in my lounge that Tony held.

A possible explanation for the coincidence is that Tony saw the cross in meditation with immense emotion, and therefore speedily created his reality the next day (as we all do, only usually somewhat slower)

or it could be something entirely different.


Aloha Gary said...

Oh and I definitely agree that the very act of reading Tony's books and listening to his talks and tracking this blog expands our consciousness and also raises everyone's vibration significantly - hurray!

(not least because it keeps us away from the negative effects of world media!)

if only we could send beer by the internet we could have a party!

Mahalo (thank you) Tony


Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloho Gary: Now, you know me - supsected Virgin Lifer; No past-life regressions in me; No Guardian Angel over my shoulder (it apparantly choosing to be elsewhere), so when I held Ed'd Star I felt literally nothing!

Must try again with yours see if anything happens, I'm keen to open myself to any situation where some idea of a past life experience would suggest itself.

Maybe it's because I have no negative energy!

Yes, few ales on Friday eh Gary? Looking forward to it mate.

Aloha Gary said...

or it could be that you are in fact the first zero-vibration being? *smile*

or perhaps because of your VL status you are closed to such goings on?

or perhaps its all a big ruse to down 23 pints in order to effect a state change? *falls over in heap at the very thought* its a long time since I drank that much!


Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloha Gary: YES, well it is something!
I've visited many places and people to see if they can find anything attached to my auras or my chakra or my anything and they usually try for a while then look blankly at me and say "Nope, nothing, sorry!"


Seraph said...

We'll have to see one, some day...I wonder if it (or we) would react differently to me and the boys if we had a go holding it?

I'd be interested to take a look at your natal chart, Karl: things like that generally crop up there.


panhaan said...

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