Thursday 22 November 2007

The Jacket (shockingly) some light film relief.

Anthony, being aware that you are a huge film buff like myself i would like to draw you're attention to "The Jacket". You have mentioned in several previous conversations we've had that Jaccobs Ladder is a favourite of yours and has influenced a lot of your work. This film seems to have several similarities in it and truthfuly i much preffere this film, mainly because there's more of a story to it. Also i'm not usualy too hot on Keira Knightley but find her very attractive in this film, dark and disturbed suits her look so much more!!

Other films such as 12 monkeys, The Matrix, Donny Darko and Vanilla Sky, were mentioned in our previous conversations but this film seems to have struck a cord with me as i've watched it for a second time today. In an attempt to keep this relavent i'd ask any other members to contribute their thoughts and feelings about films which cover similar areas to this blog, aswell as asking Anthony for his thoughts on this.


Anthony Peake said...

Thanks for letting me know about this movie. I was not aware of it so I will be heading down to the library to see if I can get hold of a copy.

In my interview with the Polish newspaper Laif on Friday the movie 'The Butterfly Effect' came up two or three times. In my opinion this really does justice to the idea of living alternate lives as suggested by Everett's Many-Worlds Interpretation. I also think that 'Fight Club' and 'Donny Darko', although not obviously so, also contain a similar message to that presented by ITLAD.

Hurlyburly said...

If anybody watches Lost. Season 3 episode 8 (i think) bares a striking similarity to the story in your book, about the guy under hypnosis who went back and relived his life again.

The jacket is a brilliant film and i'm pretty sure you will appreciate it.

Anthony Peake said...

Although I have only seen the first episode of 'Lost' I read somewhere that one of the explanations as to what may be happening is that they are all dead and existing in a world between life and death - and another suggestion that proposed that it may be something to do with, of all things, temporal lobe epilepsy!!!

Hurlyburly said...

Like i said...Similarities! As a fellow sociologist, i higly reccomend you set some time to get through all three seasons of it. It's brilliant commentary on charatcer, morality, religion, death, afterlife ect. There are, indeed, many theories, some of the most popular are that they are all dead. I won't say more, just trust me and go watch them, very, very addictive tv indeed!.

Anonymous said...

If you want to laugh check out this little film showing the downside of parallel universes "Me Me Me..."

Anonymous said...

Wow. "Lost" just concluded yesterday after a 6-year run. And there are most definitely similarities.
I would love to hear Anthony Peake's comments regarding Lost.
Hopefully, he's watched at least some of the series by now, if not all of it.
Absolutely fascinating.

Anthony Peake said...


Good to hear from you. I have a box set of the first series to watch but I have not got round top starting it. I have heard amazing things about this show and I will, one day, check it out. Maybe you can help me on this either on here or, preferably, on my FORUM at: - on the FORUM there have been a few postings on LOST so maybe you can add to them and stimulate others to add their opinions.